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Welcome to Lee County, Iowa 


Lee County offers numerous competitive advantages for doing business.  As an industry hub of the Midwest, we are a central location with excellent access to markets and transportation systems.  

Our local governments support a pro-business environment with competitive taxes and incentives. Iowa consistently has one of the lowest costs of doing business in the United States, and Lee County offers predictable savings when it comes to taxes, real estate and utility costs.  

Lee County is served by two four-lane highways, US 218 (the Avenue of the Saints) running from Saint Louis, Missouri to Saint Paul, Minnesota; and US Highway 61, which runs through the eastern part of the county.

Lee County is serviced by the main rail line of BNSF Railway, the largest freight rail transportation network in North America, providing a vital link to the global supply chain.

The Mississippi River provides transportation for Lee County industries from Saint Paul, Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico. Lee County also has access to three inter-modal port terminals.

The Keokuk and Fort Madison Municipal Airports accommodate aircrafts such as Sabre Liners, Gulf Streams, and Falcons in order to serve your company’s private carrier needs.

A Ready and Able Workforce

Iowa boasts a superior work ethic, with a motivated, hardworking and loyal workforce. Over two-thirds of the workforce is educated beyond high school, with a diverse background of education levels and academic areas of emphasis. Lee County has a large labor pool, with a local workforce willing to commute 25 miles one way for the right opportunity.  


Business can take advantage of a variety of educational resources, including professional development programs, associate degree options and access to bachelor degree programs from five local college and university resources.

A Place to Live and Work

Lee County offers the perfect combination of great communities, friendly people, and rich cultural and recreational opportunities.  Our residents enjoy short daily commutes, world class employers, and great schools. 

Residents can attend a multitude of local festivals and events.  Our local shops and restaurants offer an eclectic mix of shopping and dining opportunities.  You will find an unparalleled array of recreational offerings from sailing and fishing on the Mississippi River, to top notch hunting, cycling and hiking.  

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